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Lodges & Campsites






(Max capactiy: 4-8 people/1-3 tents)

- We now have a Unisex handicap accessible bathroom and shower (Available upon request) 
- Each cabin and campsite has its own outdoor fire pit

Our goal is to

- Offer a clean lodge or campsite
- Offer unique lodges ranging from very primitive Adirondack style living to Farmhouse style luxuries to suit your needs
- Offer different size lodges for different size groups. Our lodges range in size and can accommodate from 4 people to 25 people catering to singles, couples, and group affairs
- Offer lodges that provide space and seclusion, with acres separating our lodges
- Offer water that is potable, although it is untreated
- For lodges off the main road we provide wheel barrows in the summer and sleds in the winter to haul your gear to your lodge

We hope our guests get a true Adirondack experience while at Dippikill. Your phone won’t ring and the TV will not disturb a conversation. Come visit Dippikill and get away from the ordinary.

Weekend rentals of our lodges are booked as a Friday/Saturday night package
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